agileering helps talented small businesses owners play their best game by tuning up their business models

Hi, I am Mark Neild

"Innovation is not rocket science.  

It is simply achieving better outcomes by thinking about things differently"

I founded agileering in 2012 to make the skills and capabilities I learned consulting for big organisations, accessible to smaller firms.  Along the way I worked with really talented business owners who delivered amazing outcomes to their customers, but who were struggling to earn what they deserved.  What held them back was not their skills, but the way they deployed them into the market.  By tuning up their business models, we were able to attract more appreciative customers, willing to pay more but requiring less effort .

When you are playing your best game, business is more fun and more rewarding.

Go on - you deserve it and so do the customers you don't yet have.

A bit about My past

  • 15 years in the Royal Navy flying helicopters and teaching young people to fly.  I learned a lot about getting things done and inspiring people to better performance.
  • 10 years with PA Consulting delivering innovation and transformation projects with tangible benefits worth hundreds of millions of pounds.
  • 3 years as Chairman of a charity that helped thousands of African businesses grow through Skype coaching.

The other things I do

Social Entrepreneur Co-founder of Grow.Inspires, promoting social inclusion through entrepreneurship now a £1M business.

Author I have written 2 books and one book chapter on innovation

Advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship.

Academic. I teach at the multi-award winning Centre for Innovation at the University of Bristol.

Trusted to deliver excellent outcomes by 

Growth Accelerator

Peer-coaching 20 Oxfordshire businesses to grow through leadership and business model innovation

Innovation Project

Helping 15 construction and technical businesses to adopt better ways of working through new technology

Growth Accelerator

Delivering Government funded project to support SME growth through business model innovation. 

Looking back over 40 years in the workplace, three things are really important to me. .  Firstly social justice - giving those often overlooked a voice; Secondly developing people's confidence and capability; and thirdly, rigour in thinking.  As an Advanced category flying instructor, I would regularly fly with the marginal students..  Teaching them to focus on the high priority tasks and speak with authority was transformational and hugely rewarding to see their confidence grow.  At PA Consulting, we considered it really important that senior consultants rather than "trainers"  should develop the juniors' skills,  a task I relished. Often in the problem-solving exercises, they would leap at solutions before they really understood the problem - similar challenges threaten well-intentioned client innovation with failure - until we intervene..  In the leadership exercises, it was the teams who sought input from the quiet members who typically did best - something I see repeated again and again in the really ground-breaking innovation projects that prove most enduring.  But the thing that most surprised me was the number of times the loudest members of the teams would the quietest how much they valued their input - almost entreating then to shout louder and make themselves heard.

I and my wife and children aged 9 and 13 headed over to New Zealand for a year immediately after the London Olympics..  We just thought life was too short to get stuck in the school and career rut. The deal we had was that whoever got the first job dictated where we settled.  My wife won, getting a job in Dunedin - the second city of the South Island.  As a cancer specialist her skills were more potable than mine so I reconciled myself to freelancing as the only employers like those I had experience with were in Aukland.  Now Dunedin is quite a tight community so the hospital contacted the Dean of the Business School and asked him to make contact.  An hour on a Skype call later, he had set me up with 6 introductions and I duly went and had coffee with the people he proposed.  The result was a pretty full "order book" of teaching at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Otago Business School and IT consulting.  This self-employment lark ain't so hard, I thought - until we returned to the UK.  

More recent research at the University of Bristol has shown me how our minds play tricks on us and how sub-conscious habit makes thinking differently surprisingly hard.. Business owners can be too close to their work and run off their feet  trying to keep too many balls in the air.  So they don't recognise quite how good they really are, where the great opportunities lie and, like my flying students, find prioritising the important over the urgent hard to do.  If that is you, then you may not communicate your greatness to prospective customers and you have probably never taken the time to stop and think about who your best customers are and how best to reach them. . Or perhaps you have been so overwhelmed by the multiplicity of conflicting advice from Internet gurus that taking action seemsBut just as importantly, we recognise that customers need your greatness to rescue them from.the mediocrity of businesses that can sell, but then fail to deliver the sorts of outcomes that you would.

We don't think that is right and want to do something about it.

The crazy thing is that your business model - the way customers see you in the market - has a far bigger influence on your success than the product of service that you deliver, 3-4 times bigger.  The good news though is that you can optimise it without having to pimp your website or indulge in the latest marketing fad.  For one of our clients, we showed them that their free Google website was bringing in a lot more business than the one they had just spent a couple of grand on.  For another business, we showed them that one of their referral partners was costing them a lot of money.   A simple switch to another partner brought them a lot more customers glad to pay for the premium service that they provided. 

Better outcomes through different thinking

We show small businesses how simple it is to make a small change with a big impact and we have done it for many clients just like you,

Agileering is simply the process of adapting your business model to be more in tune with both your own strengths and the desires of your best possible customers.  A bit like blowing across a bottle, getting it right delivers a rich and mellow resonance - otherwise you are just wasting your breath.

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Who We Help

At agileering we help a variety of businesses, large or small, start up or long term. We work with business owners, giving a new opinion and outside look into your businesses operations, model and plan to understand where the business would benefit from change. Not only could this benefit sales, but could also improve your overall costs.

Having a different set of opinions from outside of your business can be very beneficial, as a "fresh pair of eyes" may be able to spot fixes that you may have overlooked. 

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