Don't Let Your Business Work You To Death. Help is at hand

  • Never clear the "to-do" list?
  • Working all hours and can't keep up?
  • Work-life balance feels like a fantasy?

You are not alone!

:Typically, this happens for one of 3 reasons:

  • Too many of the wrong customers. It might sound strange, but there is such a thing as a bad customer - too many of them can seriously damage your health. 
  • Too busy on the wrong sort of work. Hiring more staff may not be right for you just now, but there are flexible solutions that might surprise you.
  • Simple jobs take far longer than they should.   This is a classic symptom of having too few "templated processes"  making the cost or serving your customers too high.

These classic "growing pain" symptoms, happen when your business model is not keeping up with the reality of your work. .We specialise in optimising your business model to secure:

  1. higher value customers,
  2. lower cost resources
  3. standard work processes 

We offer the relief you need to earn more money from  your time and effort and restore the business you have always dreamed of.

There is a tried and true method to get this sorted, click here to find out!

Simple solutions for people just like you:

Wrong customers for bespoke kitchen business

"...helped us move away from business that caused us operational difficulties and find more that truly valued our work..."

25% more profit from the same amount of work

Wrong tasks

"...helped me realise quite how much time I was wasting on things far better handled by others who cost a lot less...In the time saved I signed 2 new customers worth 3x the VA costs "

Non-standard work

"...Lean showed me quite how much waste there was in our processes and exactly how we could fix it..."

33% reduction in the time and effort expended on each customer.

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