The dart epitomises fitness for purpose, narrow weight at the front with broad lightweight flights at the rear designed purely to keep on track the sole.  Effective businesses are also ruthlessly fit for purpose.  They know which are the best courses of action and the best way to go about them.  We help our clients do fewer things really well leading to higher profits and work less hard to get them.

Streamlined really means 2 things – coherence and focus:

Coherence is a key part of making things happen.  How often have you tried to get started on something only to realise that you need to do a lot of other things first? Do you ever struggle to choose between two different courses of action?  If so then you are probably experiencing lack of coherence.  Coherence is a technical term that describes what happens when every aspect of your business is in harmony.  The reason why a laser burns is that every ray of light is in perfect step with each other making it dazzlingly effective.  Although clients often do not realise it at the time,  without regular tuning, businesses become less effective over time as market conditions change.  It is the rigour that we bring to tuning up their business model where they really benefit. Specifically:

– What their customers really want – see example

– And how to reach them – see example

In short,  coherence defines how effectively the various parts of your business work together.

Focus helps business leaders to double or triple their turnover by identifying the vital few actions that have  the biggest impact .  Typically doing just 2 or 3 things much better brings substantial benefits because you  have the time and resources to properly concentrate on them.  

Enlightened clients realise this – they don’t want to be told what to do, but need help with how:

–   To apply quality time out of a busy schedule

–   To extract the simple and certain out of the complex and unknowable -see example

–   To be sure they do the right rather than the first, obvious or easiest thing – see example

The good news is that if you are an ambitious and innovative SME and you think some of these techniques may help you grow then we can help you get there.